Bacon's a Food Group... Right?

I know I'm not the only one out there that has a love affair with bacon... Is it one of my favorite foods? YES... Yes it is! There, I said it! (Hangs head in shame). In a world where dieting, healthy lifestyle and being fit is always on one’s mind, this is not the type of food all people (especially women) are willing to admit they love. Is bacon something I indulge in very often? Nope... And for obvious reasons that need not be talked about. While I'm not one who obsesses over what I eat, I do keep it in check... Usually1. We buy turkey bacon from time to time...and it's an ok substitute... But nowhere near as yummy. So many people obsess over healthy eating to a point where they're depriving themselves of those small indulgences. And I can appreciate that dedication... on some level. But constant deprivation will sometimes lead to falling off the wagon all together. (Insert empty ice cream tub and chip bags watching Bridget Jones’ Diary image here). Sound familiar?…

All Hail the Muffin Tin Meal

If you've got youngsters, you’re probably familiar with feeding fiascos. I've gotta say... I've been pretty lucky in that department... I cooked and pureed her baby food, taking extra care to make sure she was getting all the right foods - and she loved it. Yes, my road to becoming the perfect parent was being paved and I was awesome.

Naturally, I was dreading the terrible twos... Keeping my eyes open for those first signs of resistant, food-slinging tantrums. I waited with baited breath for those moments... But they didn't come. Boo-ya! Mom 1 - Kid 0! Again... I was bathing in Awesomeness.

I would sing this child's praises to everyone who could stomach to listen. I must be doing everything right... Those Moms who have picky eaters are surely filling them up with garbage and letting them eat whatever and whenever they pleased. (Shame on them) I have a gem and it's because I read all the books and did exactly as they said, right?

Early last fall, a couple of m…

Bulk Spinach Anyone?

Am I losing my mind? Well, the short answer is no... But I just realized that my last three recipes have included spinach... What? Sorry peeps – But because I've decided my family needs an extra-large tub of the greens stuff, we all get to experience the versatility of this hearty leaf. Nothing gets a preschooler to the table faster than a heaping spoonful of spinach, huh? (I’ll write about the melt-downs later). But that happens to all of us, right? You buy a huge bag of whatchamacallits and have to eat it up before it spoils. Usually bought from... You guessed it, Costco! Or "Da Price Club", as many of us here in Newfoundland call it.

Costco is a curse and a blessing all rolled into one... One big gigantico roll of cellophane, probably! I've had mine for at least three years.Is it strange that I want it to run out so I can buy a new one? Why? Why does the thought of needing to buy a new jumbo roll of cellophane turn me on? Am I alone here? Weirdo.

Anyways, this pl…

Fifty Shades…

Ha! That grabbed your attention didn't it? So, I'm reading the Fifty Shades trilogy. It's juicy and scandalous and if you haven't grabbed a copy yet, then stop reading this blog and go grab it at Chapters. Seriously, it's delicious… but more of a chick book, to be honest… so, sorry fellas.

Anyways, in light of this scrumptious book I'm 'wrapped' up in, I've decided to spice up some turkey leftovers with this satisfying turkey 'wrap'. (Afternoon delight anyone?)

We all know the usual leftover turkey suspects: hash, turkey pie, turkey sandwiches and the all familiar... wait for it... turkey soup! (There’s a ‘limp noodle’ joke in there somewhere). I’m not slamming these guys – they all have their good merits, but sometimes we all need a good spanking... I mean change!! Yes, we all need a change. (See what I did there?) Anyways, here's a new way to use your turkey leftovers that everyone will love. I made these last night and they're fin…

You’re starting a food blog?

I’m not a chef… Never been to culinary school (note to self: add culinary school to bucket list). I’m not a writer either… Never claimed to be, but I do enjoy it. I know a few writers (you know who you are) and if you’re reading this in absolute horror, then I’m sorry… But there are pills for that. Hopefully I can redeem myself with some delicious recipes.

So, I'm a little new to this whole blog business.I know I know... Do I live under a rock? Well, no, but I do live ON one. 'The Rock'... Otherwise known as Newfoundland and Labrador is situated on Canada's beautiful east coast.I've called this place home for most of my life. It's also home to some of the most unique food, culture and people I know. So, of course, some recipes will be infused and dotted with the unique tastes and traditional flavours I've grown up with and truly love.

I decided to start this blog for many reasons. But mostly it's because I just friggin’ love food... All kinds: The bad …